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Радиорелейный кросс-коннектор с интегрированными функциями мультиплексирования, кросс-коммутации и маршрутизации


Alcatel-Lucent 9500 Microwave Cross-Connect



The Alcatel-Lucent 9500 Microwave Cross-Connect (MXC) is a flexible, multiservice wireless transport platform

for medium- to high-capacity mixed traffic. Offering a new generation of digital, point-to-point microwave radio

capabilities, the 9500 MXC provides an effective way to meet the growing demand for high-capacity applications.


The compact Alcatel-Lucent 9500 MXC supports SDH/SONET and “super PDH” applications with higher flexibility afforded by its integrated crossconnection capabilities. It can also support fixed applications such as DSL and WiMAX backhauling, due to its multiple interfaces, including PDH, SDH and Ethernet with integrated Layer-2 switching. The 9500 MXC is a reliable, complete, homogeneous series, from 6 GHz to 38 GHz. Its unique network management capabilities serve both small and large networks, and its compact design enables easy installation while ensuring that maximum commonality is achieved across frequencies and capacities. 




• High-capacity transport for mixed data and TDM traffic

¬ SDH capacity up to 2xSTM-1

¬ PDH capacity up to 106xE1 or 8xE3

¬ Ethernet capacity up to 200 Mb/s full-duplex

¬ Gigabit Ethernet capacity up to 600 Mb/s with link aggregation and Layer 2 switch integrated

• High-integration design that delivers high reliability

• Terminal Integrated Solution (IDU) for 1xSTM-1, 20xE1 or Fast Ethernet + 8xE1 configurations







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