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Alcatel Deflector Tray

Alcatel DS3 CCE-2 3/1/0 3-PORT CE (NO MAU)

Ethernet SIP Phone SpeedTouch 282

SpeedTouch Bullk Thomson Модем

Thomson (Alcatel) SpeedTouch 530 Combo Router Eth + USB DSLGP608PA


Thomson (Alcatel) SpeedTouch 690s V35 Cable Кабель


SpeedTouch 110g Wireless PC Card is a PC Card which enables wireless networking systems to attain data transmission speeds up to 54 megabits-per-second (Mbps), while remaining backward compatible to the existing installed base of over 15 million Wi-Fi systems worldwide. It supports operation with both the IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards, and features support for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA).

Thomson модем DSL BB683 TKEA

Модем Thomson (Alcatel) ADSL2+ over ISDN SpeedTouch 536i v6 (Eth + USB Router BRCM based)


Модем Thomson (Alcatel) ADSL2 SpeedTouch 570

10/100 Base-T Ethernet wireless LAN802 11.b


Модем Thomson (Alcatel) ADSL2 SpeedTouch 585 v6


Модем Thomson (Alcatel) SpeedTouch 546(i) v6

Multi-User ADSL2+Gateway


Модем Thomson (Alcatel) ADSL2 SpeedTouch 620s b/g

Модем Thomson (Alcatel) Speedtouch 510v6

Модем Thomson (Alcatel) Speedtouch 610s, LAN=4-port switch - 2 Wires (Symetrical 4.6 Mbps), SHDSL


Модем Thomson (Alcatel) Speedtouch 610s, LAN=4-port switch - 4 Wires (Symetrical 4.6 Mbps), SHDSL


Модем Thomson (Alcatel) Speedtouch 690S, Frame Relay 2 wire ROW


Сплиттер Thomson (Alcatel) SpeedTouch DSL4330001

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